ive been looking around for a new guitar and seen the epi les paul elitist standard which looks amazing and have heard only good things about.
however i cant seem to find ANYWHERE that sells the lefty version (which is in the elitist catalogue and the website)

i really want this guitar!

can someone point me in the right direction? im from the UK.
Try contacting the new Gibson UK.
They'll point you out to the dealers that will order them in for you.
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The epi website makes no mention of a lefty elitist. Ive looked before. Theres only a few models they make in lefty at all.
ok, i contacted Gibson UK and heres what they said:

Quote by Me, via email
Dear Gibson,
I'm having problems trying to locate a dealer in the UK or anywhere that will sell the left handed version. I have seen the model in the Elitist catalogue as the only lefty available (as usual theres incredibly limited choice being lefty). Could you possibly give me some more information or a known dealer?

Quote by Gibson
Thank you for your interest in Gibson guitars.

The Elitist Les Paul Standard is not available left-handed currently; in fact none of the Elitist guitars are at the moment.
The catalogue on the website is an old catalogue, just for reference.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Quote by Me
Do you know if there are any plans in the future to re-produce the left handed model? or are there any facilities in place for me to custom order one?


Quote by Gibson
At the moment we don't have any plans to make the Standard available left-handed again.

For Epiphone guitars there is no custom shop.

Kind regards

discrimination. i hate companies who totally ignore the lefty players - there's a lot of them! . i'm going somewhere else
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