It's a cheap guitar, About the most I could spend and I wanted to know if it was a good guitar. I've played my friends ltd bass and it was 10x more comfortable than my current guitar. I just wanted to know if I could expect the same from this even though it is cheap. I've heard pretty good things about this and even more about the MH-53 which has a Floyd Rose liscensed tremolo, carved top, and more frets. I really wanted the MH because it looks like such a great guitar, but couldnt afford it so I thought I'd settle for the M-53. PLease give commrents on both guitars, whether they be good or bad.


MH-53 (a little expensive for me)
Ibanez RG270
Switch Wild I
Strat Copy

ProCo Rat Vintage RI
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The MH is only $60 more on those sites...can you not stretch that far? It's worth it for the locking trem (If you like them), the +10 sex points, 24 frets instead of 22...also, U-shaped necks are nice, imo.

I would personally want to stretch to the MH, but neither look like amazing guitars from specs (I've never played either). I'm not saying that they're bad, but the MH is probably worth it.