I'll start off by saying that I play Emo/Punk kind of stuff (My Chemical Romance, From First To Last, etc.) I started out playing bass last fall on an Epiphone Les Paul Special II and loved it. However, when my band needed a lead guitarist, I was the best candidate.

So I've been playing on a piece of junk that our rhythm guitarist gave to me for about a month, and I've decided I'm a lot better on guitar than bass. Now I'm looking to buy either an Epiphone G-400 or an Epiphone Les Paul Studio .

I'm leaning toward the G-400 because from what I hear it has a slimmer neck and it's a very lightweight guitar, both of which I like. All of my friends, also guitarists, think that I should get the Les Paul, but I think that Les Pauls, while very fine guitars, are a little overrated and everyone seems to play them. I prefer to be a little different, yknow?

So I'm looking for some more professional opinions from you guys. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
arent SG style guitars really heavy at the neck end...? and i think that les paul is the way to go.
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Yea, the neck end weighs more than the body on SG style guitars. I don't really see why that would be a problem though. I'm really torn here. Both guitars sound amazing and go for the same price. I really wish there was somewhere around here where I could try them both out. =/
the problem with the neck weighing more is that you'd look a bit daft gigging, lift your arms up, oh dear...my guitar appears to have nose-dived. haha

and ultimately, it's your decision....ive never tried either, but my friend has an SG, and his is very annoying when it nosedives lol
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G-400 = good guitar, mid-range.
LP Studio = bad guitar, low-range.

Don't be fooled just because they're about the same price. That's only because all Les Pauls inherently cost more than SG models.
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I have a Les Paul but when it comes to Epiphone, I'd recommend the G-400, seeing as the lower end epiphone Les Pauls can get to be pretty bad in tonal quality...but if you're dead set on the LP, make sure to try like a hundred of em before you buy it.
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The g400 sounds like crap with the stock pick ups, I know because I have one. I didnt bother switching out the pickups I just put up with until I got a new guitar, but if you want to buy it switch out the pick ups. Get it set up for free before you buy it and make sure none of the screw holes on it are stripped, mines been replaced twice and I still get problems. Other than that it plays good, but there are better for the price, check out ltd vipers, they just released a white model with gold hardware and duncans.

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Yea, the neck end weighs more than the body on SG style guitars. I don't really see why that would be a problem though.

It's a problem because it's really f-ucking uncomfortable to play, you can't let go of the neck, it goes straight (gay, in this case) down to the floor.
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The neck heavy thing isn't that bad.
You can hold it up with your pinky no problem.
And mostly all SG's are like that and that's what they're known for.

Now, if you want to buy a les paul
Buy a standard at least.

The G-400 is the "Standard" model in the Epiphone SG's
So I suggest that.
And the bridge pickup is really thick and nice (for some good chords)