I'm thinking of buying boss cs-3 compression sustainer. I was hoping to get some ideas on whether it's good or are there any good sustainer alternatives.
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mxr dynacomp is good. I think the holy stain or whatever it's called is pretty good too. Best to just go and try.
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i enjoy the Soul Preacher by EHX...not too expensive if you go used and gets the job very well done
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The Boss CS-3 is ok. Nothing special. I personally only like to use a little compression so it does me fine, but I'd never have paid more than the £15 I did for it.
my favorite compressor is the guyatone flip TC-X. They stopped making it a few years back because it was pretty noisy but if you can find it it the tone is amazing and is well worth the hum. For new compressors I really like the ones made by www.cmatmods.com The sigma comp is good for people that want transparent tone and no background noise. The Ross clone is good for people that want more squish. I've had 10 or 11 different compressors over the last couple years and the CMATMODS compressors were some of the best sounding and by far the best value for the money.

As a side note, I've got a boss cs-3 that I don't like and would be willing to sell. I got it and though it sucked so I sent it off to get the caps and a couple resistors upgraided (at cmatmods) but when I got it back I still didn't think it sounded all that good. I've used it for a grand total of 10 min and would be willing to sell it for the price of a not upgraded CS-3.
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If you're on a (comparatively) tight budget, the Soul Preacher works well, but can be noisier than some people will like.
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Go for a Dyna Comp. I've owned a CS-3 and the Dyna Comp, and I like the Dyna much more. If you want a good, more transparent comp then I suggest grabbing a Boss CS-2 off of Ebay. Much better than the CS-3.
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check out the Aphex Punch Factory, its an optical compressor, and only has 2 knobs but sounds much better than other ones.
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