1: SPAM - this includes all the non-tabs that get submitted, or the millions of smoke on the water, ironman, or sweet child o mine renditions that aren't complete, are single noted (no chords whatsoever), and half the time mislabeled, which brings me to the next one... and although insane that someone can make them, never should a guitar hero track be submitted as a tab unless the song is tabbed for an actual guitar and not the 5 button controller

2: MISLABELED TABS - if you don't know the artist's correct name, or the correct spelling of the song, look it up! that spelling is what's submitted to the archive, and i bet it'd take too much work to dig through the archives and correct it once it's approved... red hot chilli peppers? - i think not, learn to spell! Also, tabs with the entire title smashed into one word shouldn't be submitted unless it's the actual title - and add solo or live to the name if that's the case, but leave out things like correct version or whatever, it's not needed - especially when it's not correct

3: MISC UNSIGNED BANDS - going along with the labeling, these gems should be labeled with the band name as 'misc unsigned band', and the track name as 'artist - song title' - also, if it's not a complete song, don't submit just the intro, almost nobody looking through it's going to know what it sounds like, so just the intro won't help. which brings me to the next point

4: MISC THEME SONGS/YOUR SONGS - your songs, i believe there's a section on here in the forums for that, please stop submitting them as tabs, nobody knows what it sounds like - also, theme songs are fine as long as they're complete and correct to the best of your knowledge, but they do not go in misc unsigned bands or generic misc - there's a special category for them, use it

5: LYRICS/TRIBUTE VERSIONS - lyrical melodies tabbed out in full, unless accompanied by the actual tab for the song, should not be submitted - cover/tribute versions, unless by a signed artist who has recorded it somewhere or performs it live, should also not be submitted, as we already have the regular version - and if we don't, tab that anyways

6: CHORDS VS TABS - this kind of goes with labeling, but on it's own separate part - chord tabs are mostly the lyrics written with the chord changes noted on top of the lyric lines, maybe a solo or special fill written in - tabs are exactly that, all chords and individual notes tabbed out, no chord tracks labeled

7: INCOMPLETENESS: why would anyone go to the trouble of tabbing only half a song before submitting it for instant rejection? there are such things as notepad, word, or any other number of word processing programs for computers, why don't you tab on that then cut/paste when it's complete? missing the solo, or the second part to the main riff? then figure it out first - the beauty of the site is that it doesn't have a deadline for you to submit a particular tab

8: VERSION NUMBER - the site automatically numbers the different version, meaning you don't have to when submitting your tab... thirteen versions already up, but you blindly submit your tab as song ver 2 - there's no point to it, stop

9: TAB FORMAT/CLUTTER - the whole point of a tab is to display a song in an easy to read format for a guitarist to play - the guitarist should already know how the song in question basically sounds and the appropriate tempos, no need to add a bunch of different random marks throughout the tab besides hammer-ons, pull-offs, and bends - timing is already known, no need to re-emphasize and clutter the tab, making it that much more difficult to read - if we wanted it in sheet music, we would either buy it or put it through powertab or guitar pro - also, is it that difficult to make sure that all your lines are directly above each other and roughly equal length? it makes the tab look better and keeps from attracting attention away from the tab

tabs would look so much better and be so much easier for all those using or reviewing them if they would be submitted with these minor changes in mind... it doesn't take all that long to reformat a tab or a name, and it certainly doesn't hurt to make it complete and accurate either
when they come for me, i'll be sitting at my desk, with a gun in my hand, wearin a bullet-proof vest, singin: "my my my how the time does fly, when you know you're gonna die by the end of the night"
haha thanks... yeah, i was starting to feel bad that i'm working towards 1750+ tab rejections to only a handful of approvals... but then i realized almost all of those rejected were because they were submitted in a style that pissed me off

that, and how many smoke on the water and ironman riffs do we really need... seriously?
when they come for me, i'll be sitting at my desk, with a gun in my hand, wearin a bullet-proof vest, singin: "my my my how the time does fly, when you know you're gonna die by the end of the night"
wow thats impressive i'm only on 5 approved 325 rejected. But yeh almost all of those are Smoke on the Water, SCOM, crazy train etc etc....
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