This song was inspired by the World War 2 siren noise, the chills i get down my spine every time i hear it. I had a vision, in my head, of where i wanted to take it, and for a few days now, i couldnt quite get there, then this morning, while in Open C Tuning, i struck gold, and the rest of the song came from there, almost insantly, im really happy with how it turned up, but id like to know opinions of others.


I will crit back if wanted

Sounds great man! I'd love to hear a lyrical interpretation as well... Ingenious to blend the alarm with the guitar tones though. You should try to hit the alarm NOTE with your distorted lead... ie, BEND it up to whatever note the alarm is... That'd be ****ing sick... and a sort of cool musical commentary on war.
Crit mine brotha:
Very Cool, I agree with vine, you should rip that string to sound just like it!~....rock on!
Critting you back

Dude I like this alot. Its really cool the siren sound, makes the song have a very tense background to it because we know its connotation (Denotation? ..whatever) I like the distorted guitar, but you should definitely try and slam into that one note.

Keep rockin man
It was good, but it almost seemed like background music... I think this is a track in need of vocals. Other than that, it was technically proficient and mixed very well.

Crit back here .
what do you mean by background music

ANd i have lyrics, but i cant sing, so im working on getting one of my friends in
I mean, it sounds almost TOO atmospheric, as if it was just a background track for a movie scene or something. Vocals would really bring it to the forefront, ya know?
It was pretty good. The siren got annoying. And it doesn't seem to change up all that much. It sounds like the same riff going through a majority of the song. I like the sound bites, and like most on here...add vocals and the siren wont be as annoying and everything would come together alot better.
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wow this is one of my favorite UG original riffs. this needs lyrics. something about walking down war torn streets and what you see around you. if i may just crit one thing, i felt that the highly distorted guitar at 1:45 didnt fit into the rest of the song man. good stuff.