I've downloaded a Rainmeter theme, which came with two fonts to have it display properly. The theme works great, but it uses a different font because the ones I got won't install. I've tried doing the logical way by going into the fonts folder via control panel and clicking on file and clicking on install new fonts, but when I search for them, they don't show up.

I've also tried dragging and dropping them into the fonts folder, which worked for another font that I used for a different thing, but that didn't work either.

I've also Google'd to no avail - each result told me to use the first method I mentioned.

I know the two fonts are the correct file extension, because they'll open with the Windows font viewer thing.

Any help appreciated, thanks.
Thanks, but I just figured out what I didn't do. I used 7-zip to just go inside the zip file; I never extracted. I just extracted and it works. I'm an idiot.