Primus-Brown Album

I dont know what to say, Antipop wasnt that bad, and now they release this with former Praxis drummer Brian "Brain" Mantia

The chemistry of the band was lost. Herb completed them, and frankly "Brain" was NO WHERE as good as herb.

I can't honestly even listen to this album, the only song imo that is tolerable is Over the Falls.

Rage Against the Machine-The Battle of Los Angeles

MANY will disagree here, but there last album is just not what Rage started as.
This happens in many bands when they take a new turn. Some good, some bad.
The S/t was just pure Rage, Evil Empire was Tom Morello's chance to really come up with some cool ways of making music, but TBOLA was just not Rage, it was almost pop.

Its not a bad album, as their are plenty of good songs on it, it just wasnt "Rage."

Steve Vai- Elusive Light and Sound Vol. 1

Honestly, do we even need an explanation? This really isnt an album, more like tons of "mini" 30 second long ideas.

Come on Mr. Vai

Dream Theater
Actually, there is not a single DT album i don't love.
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i'm going with revelations by audioslave. it was a letdown after the previous albums

jack johnson - sleep through the static

every pearl jam cd after ten.
Paul Gilbert
Steve Vai
Joe Satriani
John Petrucci
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Annnnnnnnnd here we go!

St.Anger- Metallica

Mezmerize/Hypnotize- System of a down

Abacab- Genesis

See you on the Other Side- Korn

Decemberunderground- AFI(actually, anything from 1995 and up)

Ill add to the list later
Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos
Nothing new, everything was too expected. And sounded very forced in general to me. Still not a bad album, just not near as good as any of the others.

Led Zeppelin - Presence
Achilles Last Stand, genius. Hots on for Nowhere, good. Nobody's Fault but Mine, okay. Everything else, bad.
Dissonance is Bliss

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Underclass Hero - Sum 41

Minutes to Midnight - Linkin Park

I like the album, but they went away from what made them famous, and their old stuff was unique. The new stuff is so generic.
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even though you probably dont care anyway I'd have to say this album is terrible, I love MCR but there's like one song on here I like, I mean come on :/
I have so many favourite bands, it's hard to pick the worst dissapointments. Shangrala Di-Da (or however you spell it) by Stone Temple Pilots, don't even know why that album was put out. Risk by Megadeth, ugh, I don't even wanna talk about it. Lead Sails Paper Anchor by Atreyu, all I can say is that is the reason I don't like them anymore. And anything past The Black Album by Metallica...and you all know the reasons for that. And those are only a few of the bands.
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St. Anger by Metallica
Risk by Megadeth
AYDY by Children of Bodom (even though i like the album, it isnt their best)

That is all i can really come up with. I usually like albums by my favorite bands unless they are like St. Anger or Risk where they are completely different from the rest of their stuff, or it is just total garbage.

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anything after from under the cork tree....do i really have to finish?

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every metallica album ever.

Then how are they your "favorite?"

Anyways, I'll say Radiohead's Pablo Honey and Pink Floyd's The Final Cut.
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Then how are they your "favorite?"

They aren't.

I just wanted to bash on them for making me feel mildly ashamed when I tell people I like metal.
what's up with all the pablo honey hate, it's a great album.
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The three that immediately spring to mind are:

Standing On the Shoulders of Giants - Oasis
starts out so well with ****in' in the Bushes and Go Let It Out then deteriorates into meandering dross
Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace - Foo Fighters
What promised to be a kickarse modern rock record turned out to be mostly dull radio fodder
The Final Cut - Pink Floyd
Fletcher Memorial Home is a classic for when the drums kick in and David Gilmour squeezes out the guitar solo. The rest is just the politics-based ramblings of an egotistical bass player. Utter rubbish.
Warning by Green Day
Point #1 by Chevelle (its not horrible, but its not that great)
Light Grenades by Incubus
Liberation Transmission by Lostprophets
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M. Night Shyamallama

Trivium - The Crusade ....why did they have to put out a ****ty metallica ripoff album
Metallica - St.Anger just wtf
Atreyu - Lead Sails Paper Anchor, every song on this album is horrible this ruined the entire band for me.
The Beatles - Yellow Submarine (even though I barely even count it as an album, it's still pretty terrible....apart from the supreme ass-kickery of Hey Bulldog).

Led Zeppelin - In Through The Out Door.....Coda was just as sub-par, but I'm not sure whether it really counts as a proper album.

Green Day - Warning....I appreciate their will to experiment a bit, but there's just not a lot of good songs on here.
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blind guardian- forgotten tales and battalions of fear- i know y they mightnt be as good, but it still kinda put me off a bit, they were 1 of my fave bands b4