I have a GT8 and i can get it to sound great thru my own studio pa but as soon as i go to a gig and plug in to their pa my tones go into the trash bin. i want to plug into an amp so i can have a consistant sound from gig to gig. i am looking for something that doesn't color the tones output from the gt8 yet i want a quality representation of the tone i hear. i believe that an amp with tubes (ie marshall) would be nice but from conversations with others it really isn't necessary. i play standard tones complimenting blues and rock styles as well as contemparary ballads. My guitar is a Les paul standard. not looking to blow everybody away.
Get a power amp, like me. Or use the Line/Pa output and pick out a nice cab and mic.
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atomic amps.

its basically an uncolored combo amp that simply amplifies your tone with tubes.

or get a poweramp and a cab.
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I also want to know this, so what kind of poweramp and cab should one buy?
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