These songs are a bit old and haggard, but there is some shred and depth. Some go through many changes, so to get the full effect, if there is any, it would be best to liston to them all the way through. Thanks.

Firstly I applaud you on your Primus influence. Not many people know about them. Some of the stuff there is rather iffy but there are definatley good moments. Particularly in just messing around.
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Harbinger of Fate reminded me severely of pink floyd until it gets heavy. The riff is pretty cool, except something between the two harmony guitars or rythmn/lead guitar doesnt sound right for a minute, it may be because their is no drums tho it myt just sound a little empty, pretty cool song though. O and wow, love unconditional reminds me tons of opeth and some folk type prog. nice!

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Yeah, that Harbinger of Fate riff really needs some drums, but I know what you meant though and there is supposed to be a drum keeping it going. Harbinger of Fate was actually heavily influenced by Iced Earth (the solo's where a Pink Floyd/ Ayreon type thing). The vocals are a call and response between a dying man and the banshee that watches his family's lineage. The femal parts are in Gaelic/Irish.