Ok, so I've become a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls game Oblivion and its prequel Morrowind. So, of course I was interested when I found out you could download the first elder scrolls game for free. Since the only computer in my house with internet is a mac, I downloaded the file to a blank disc and burned it. Then I popped it into my brothers laptop (which has windows vista) and went through all the extracting and installing and all that business. Finally when I went to install the game it prompted me for a floppy, which obviously won't work with that computer. Apparently there is an emulator available for download from the same site I got the game (dosbox i think the emulators called) that will make the game compatible with newer systems.

Alright, thank you for reading all that, heres my question: The instructions for the emulator say 'for Win2k/ WinXP'. Assuming that means windows me edition and windows xp, is there any negative affects that could be caused from installing the emulator on my brothers laptop, which is running Vista? I'd assume no because its essentially a better version of those systems, but I'm not very knowledgeable with this **** so I don't wanna run the risk of ****ing up his laptop or wasting my time with it if the emulator won't work on that computer in the first place. Thanks in advance.
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Just try it. it will either work or it won't. I'm pretty sure that won't fuzz up vista.

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Try it? It won't take alot of time nor will it screw up his operating system.

I haven't used vista much but there's probably a compability option you get when you rightclick on the .exe file. Choose "xp" in the dropdown box.
A lot of programs still work for Vista, but if it doesn't, right click the .exe and then go to Properties. I think on the second tab, it should say something like "run in compatability mode" and choose XP in the drop down menu.

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this does not make sense add me spun-@hotmail.com on messenger or just install it anyways, if it dont work you can just uninstall it...or try running it in compatibility mode
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