i have an old ibanez back from when they did copy guitars (les paul copy) its got real good wood and stuff but some of the components are lacking. im thinking about replacing the pickups, i wanna get something that gives that fat/full Les Paul sound anyone know what kind of pickups and a rough price range?
seymour duncans are my choice for passive. Try the pearly gates or the '59. They're around 100 new, but you can get them for about half on ebay.

EMG's are my choice if ure a metal player. Obvious reasons. Around the same price.
- What amp are you running through?
- What sound are you after? What bands do you like and tone?
- Do you require versatility? (You can get pickups geared for one particular tone but not so good at crossing over to do other stuff)
- What is your budget? (Different pickups cost different prices)
- What is your location? (Different places get cheaper pickups than other brands)