Not really my style, but I think it sounds good man! Nice job...
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I like it... Not really my style, I tend to lean towards the heavier stuff... but I would listen to it on a cd.

2nd: What gear are you using?
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me and LP made this yesterday...

with a marshall MG. no mixing/mastering. straight direct out. hahahah sounds pretty good for an mg30.
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I'm more into heavy metal tones, but I definitely it can do for a more 80's pop sound i.e. Rick Astley.
That's actually really good for an MG, you seem to have dialled out that nasty grainy nature of it really well. It's quite a generic, bland kind of sound but it certainly isn't bad.
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You should have waited longer, bait that sits in the water longer gets a lot of hits. Kudos though, that's just funny.
Not bad; about as good as I'd expect from an MG, but the tone isn't the only reason people don't like them anyway.
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whats your settings :P

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Too effected for my taste. But good job anywho
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It was alright and everything, but their was definitely something missing. There wasn't much sustain, and it seemed sorta flat, so I'm guessing you used a low-end amp and tried to tighten up the loose ends.
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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

Quote by Sonicxlover
Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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