Ok, hello again all!

Anyways how would I transpose these chords (G,Em,C,D7) from the key of G to the key of C?

Also what is a pick-up note and how would I describe a 12 Bar Blues?
to transpose the chords, just figure out the interval between them. so start with your root, (in this case G) and count up to the key you want to transpose to, so G, A, B, C, or 4. then you know you have to move every chord up one fourth. so then do the same w/ the other chords, so Em would become Am, C would be F, and D7 would be G7.
Thank you ninja! Would you know how to describe the 12 Bar Blues and pick up notes?
another way to transpose is to lay out the keys
progression: (G,Em,C,D7) - > g major

1 G
2 A
3 B
4 C
5 D
6 E
7 F#

then list the key you want to go into
1 C
2 D
3 E
4 F
5 G
6 A
7 B

convert the notes on the numbers so that (G,Em,C,D7) ->(1,6,4,5) -> (C, Am, F, G7).

12 Bar Blues, it is a progression that is based on the 1st, 4th, and 5th notes of the scale, for example the progression 1, 4, 5 relates to the chords (C, F, G) in the key of C and (G, C, D) in the key of G. the progression generally goes 4 bars of the 1st, 2 bars of the 4th, 2 bars of the 1st. 1 bar of the 5th, 1 bar of the 4th, then 2 bars of the 1st, then repeat. for example, G blues:

G--------G---------G--------G---------C--------C(the dashes are to keep space)


count off the '1 and 2 and 3 and 4' for each measure and play a shuffle beat, and good way to start jamming on it is playing major chords and solo in minor (pentatonic).
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The 12-bar blues has 3 4-measure phrases, one beginning on I, next on IV and the third on V as gumbilicious has described. However, you can do a lot of different things between those measures; for example, iim7 and a bunch of secondary dominants are rather common, so don't think that the whole thing is limited to just your I, IV and V chords.

A pick-up in music (known as an anacrusis) is simply one or more notes that come before the first full measure. However, when this is done, pieces will end before the last beat of the last measure; this is done so that the number of measures stays completely whole.
yes, there is tons of ways to mess with a i iv v, but that is more up to you with what you wanna do with it. that is just the basics of what you can do with it.