so basically one of my basses stopped working and whenever i plug it in it makes a louuud buzz, not just a normal buzz but it gets like super loud and stuff. so i unscrew the screws and i see the wire that connects to the input cord of the bass wasn't connected... i'm not really a genious with the assembly of the bass but i'm sure all i have to do is connect the cord back to where it should be...

it's a fender jazz for what it's worth still in great condition. don't bash me for trying to do things myself, it's too late now :P
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If you're so sure, why don't you try it?

However, don't come crying to us when you get hit in the heart with 15,000V and turn into a pile of dust.

Nah, just kidding...

Or am I?

Yes, I am. Resolder that, and see if it works.
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easy fix, if you have basic soldering skills. if not, have it done. it should be cheap.
look here if you need a wiring diagram.
just find your model and "click", done deal. good luck!
I wasn't sure how I should go about with the reattachment part of it, I understand where the cords go and such but I wasn't positive of the best method of keeping the wires connected.

Does anyone know exactly what stuff I should use to connect them and keep them connected for a long time?

EDIT: btw, the fender site is having some problems with adobe reader and it's not letting me view the diagrams at the moment.
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Otherwise You Look Like A Complete Moron.

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The TS has a very ironic name for this thread. :p
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theres only one wire on a jazz jack, as it earths through the metal control plate, if the wire's come off, the best way is to solder it. anything elsy is simply a compramise
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If you don't know how to solder, surely one of your friends does. The handy ones always do :p
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you can purchase a soldering kit at Wal-Mart for about $6 to $8. it comes with a soldering iron, and electronics solder(flux core). i say buy one and practice on some scrap wire until you get the feel for it. look up some soldering guides on the net, then fix that thing.