like for example i want to a put a seymour duncan JB JR in bridge of my strat... would it still have the output of the JB?
It probably won't have the same output as the full-size JB but it shold be enough; metal tone depends more on your amp anyway really.
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Depends what kind of tone you're going for really. Some people use single-coils (Malmsteen, Jake E. Lee) and sound decent, but most use humbuckers. Think of that pickup as being sort of inbetween. Its doable but more to do with preference.
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I actually have the JB JR in the bridge on my Strat, I don't know how it compares to the full size version, but it's miles away from the single coil pickups in terms of tone - not better, just different. A bit brigher than the single coils (well.. it's in the bridge) and the distorted sound is totally different from them, much more modern. Really quiet, just be sure to wire it right, it has a few more wires for 'coil splitting'. I like it, I think the Hot Rails would have more output than the JB JR, but I don't know if the Hot Rails get the clean sound right without distortion, haven't used them.
Well, it's not that single coils are bad for metal in terms of tone, it's that they tend to be noisy. Noiseless singles would be fine for metal. Any pickup is fine for metal, its just that the noisier ones are annoying at high levels of gain.
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Iron Maiden anyone? Dave Murray uses Hotrails and Janick uses JB Jr. pups
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I've noticed that I pick up harmonics a lot better compared to my Robson strat.
But my strat is a starter one so it's pretty crap compared to my KVX10. :P
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