I want to order a guitar online because no shops around me sell them (its the same guitar that my friend has ibanezrg231mh. yes i have used it, liked it, and then almost married it, she said no ) anyway, should i trust online stores to have it set up properly? like no fret buzz etc?
No, I doubt they care if it is set up properly, and even if you did go in store you may have to adjust it somewhat anyway..but for the most part they are playable
They don't bother with it. They just package it.

Just do it yourself when you get it, because even if they did it might not be the right set up for your playing style.
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about how much would it cost to be professionally set-up? i haven't a clue on how to adjust intonation and things like that.
Most sotres dont set up guitars for sale and the online places arent going to spend a pennies worth of time doing it either. Youll just have to pay the 20 to 40 bucks to get it set up at your local shop. Or use this a reason to learn to do it yourself.