I'm looking to sell one of my guitars as they all have Floyd Rose trems and I really want something with a fixed bridge.

Guitar is an early 90's Tanglewood Europa super strat....

Setup is H/S/S with splitable bridge humbucker, licenced floyd rose...Neck is Maple with 24 frets (Last 6 are scalloped)

Looking for about £75, buy i'm open to offers or trades.

Guitar is in great condition for age...

I'm open to offers on this.....

I'm also after chorus and/or compressor pedals of anyone is looking for trades?
any trades..i dont own a chorus anymore..
i have an amp that has everything i need so uhh...yea ANYTHING?
i'll trade you a Roland Cube 15 + 30 quid?

maybe some computer games instead of the 30 quid.
Thanks for the offers guys....

CobbZ - not after an amp. I've got a modelling amp but I'm now after pedals as I've just got a valve amp.

Duncan_amateur - was not really looking for a distortion, but a Keeley pedal could change my mind. I notice you are in Vietman - do you realise the postage cost of sending a guitar out there would be very high? Would cost in the region of £45-50 to ship.
I was hoping for a little more (I recently dropped price from £100)...

Call it £65 and we have a deal.....
Ahh go on then. Any chance of holding for a couple of weeks?

Just till i can find a time to get down to pick it up.
I suppose I could hold it, bit not for too long as I really need the space cos I now have 4 guitars and only 2 stands!

Can post it for £10. I've got a guitar box here so all I would need is some bubble wrap.....
Eeeeehhh.... It shouldn't be too long before im ready to buy. I wont mess u about tho mate, thats a guaruntee. Maybe you could store it in the box w/ bubble wrap to save stand space

If you have msn, pm it to me? or a mobile number.

So i can keep you updated.
Didnt get the PM :P

lol just kidding.

I'm likely to have the money two weeks today. Will give you £75 to include postage.
Nice one, I'll hold it for 2 weeks.

Gimme a shout when you have the dosh. Cheers.