This is simply a feature test as im new here.

This place needs test forums so newbs (myself) can learn to use the feature without ruining everyone elses forum.

    font size
    font color
    is this part of the text in the center?

    is this alligned right

    back 2 the left now.

    Test link

    email link?

    not really sure. code text? 

    this is quoted
    ok so code text is for programming?

    how do i do the freaking lists

      now images (my biggest issue)

      (Invalid img)

      test edit:

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      The code tags can be used when you're posting tablature, without them the tabs usually align incorrectly.

      If you're writing a list and want a bullet point on each line type this:

      • Item 1
      • Item 2
      • Item 3
      • And so forth.
      also, instead of actually posting your thread to test them, you can preview you posts so that you can see if the tags have worked.

      gets rid of the need for a test forum/threads.
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