I am starting to learn to sweep. I can do 3 string sweeps up and down pretty easily separately. I am ok at combining them to make an up and down sweep. I am practicing this simple lick:


What's happening is i start fine, and i go down, then back up, and when i go back down it seems almost every time i hear the open G string. I'm not sure if im releasing early, or releasing too hard so I pluck the string, but all i need to do is figure that out and i can move on...

Any help?
Well, here's something that might help. Try and minimilize the amount of space there is between the strings and your finger tips. That way there is a more econonimical movement to the action. If you watch players like Michael Angelo Batio, not Dragonforce or Trivium, you'll see how little his fingers move, its almost as if he is never letting go at all and letting the strings ring out, but he's not.