I'm saving up for a really nice guitar that I'll never have to replace (won't stop me from wanting more though), and I feel that if I'm going to spend up to $2000, I want that money to go to an American company and American workers. Ok, I'm wierd, and I guess it could be part of my OCD.

So what are some good guitars for metal (with FR, no active pups) as well as softer stuff that fit this? The Carvin California Carved top was it for me until I saw that it has 22 frets. I don't know if I'll need them much (maybe for some of the Dime solos?), but I do know that it will take a while to get used to the different fret placement. When I played my friends MIA Strat it felt really weird because of that.

USA Deans are awesome, but somehow I don't think they're worth the $8000 they charge for the ML.

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go for the carvin. also i havent seen an electric guitar (except fender stratocasters) , that have less than 22 frets. it will be enough(maybe not enough) frets
Jackson/Charvel, PRS, and Ernie Ball are all US companies that make high end guitars. Something like a John Petrucci sig with piezos may be appealing to you...
Carvin DC series is 24 frets. You'll want to replace pickups though. I still haven't, personally, but I'm a major procrastinator.

Get stainless steel frets.
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