Ok. I know that everyone here has heard "I Wanna Rock" by, Twisted Sister. If not please do so before I knock you out with chlorofor, drag you into a dark alley, and beat you with a sock full of pennies. But I have been trying to get the sound that they had during the solo! I love that famous 80'2 super-bad-ass-metal tone! I have tried so hard to get close but have no idea. My cousin told me they used a tube screamer. or he thinks so. But does anyone know how to get that awesome Steve Vai overdriven like sound? I mean I looked at the Ultimate Settings thread, but I dont know which one would be that sound.... It sucks.... please help. thanks.
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i've heard it, wish i hadn't

they're too metal for mmgfjkdhtkreihahahahahahalolololol couldn't say that with a straight face
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The Golden Child amp of that time period was the Marshall JCM 800. Along with it, some kind of overdrive - most often a Tube Screamer but not always.
Yes, there's a wah there too, along with a hint of chorus...another trendy thing then.
And during that time, "scooping" was unheard of...you actually ADDED mids..rarely lower than halfway.
And what exactly was wrong with that solo? Not enough notes? Not in drop Q minor?
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