My favorite bands are usually local bands so I thought it'd be cool to see what local stuff everyone else listens to.

Just post a link to a myspace or somewhere you can listen to their music and if you want post the lyrics for a song of theirs!

February wins, the leaves fall cold.
I am feeling indifferent; I am feeling old.
like the melodies the cracked college sidewalk sings, oh how it leads us blindly onward, always searching for something.
and we pass each other at least a thousand times, oh we’ll do it again tomorrow, but we’ll never know our lives.
what stirs your soul? what fuels your passion inside?
the shadows are so dark but the fields are turning brilliant white.
so don’t sell yourself short. don’t you dare close your eyes.
are we living? or are we pretending we’re alive?
you are not just another faceless one. another number to be tallied, an opinion to be won.
there's a story written for you long and in detail. if you'd just accept God's promise, if you'd just turn the page.
God, help me to love you while I'm young.
what puts breath in your lungs, what makes you bold?
what scars will we wear like badges when we turn old?
they're always telling us who we should be. well I'm not with that, I'm not buying it.
so sell your eulogy to someone else because I'm not dead yet. no I'm not dead yet.

I don't have all the lyrics, but "Maybe It's Made of Asbestos" by Our Beds are Time Machines is a GREAT song, both musically and lyrically.


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In hotels we are only voices
Kept safe and sound in phone lines
The distance makes the stronger weaken
So many days we'll never know

A Change of Pace - Safe and Sound in Phone Lines

Pop-punk type sound. Known about them for about 3 or 4 years.


Gather 'round my children
Lay your hands at my feet
Spread your veins wide open...
Make your offering.
You wanna be this, the godless, the fearless
You want chaos to the nth degree
You want my destruction, function
I'm your social disease

Element a440 - Dance Dead

Industrial type stuff. NIN fans may like.
Don't know that many local bands lyrics

though I had a quick look through the songwriting thread earlier, theres some good stuff but also a massive amount of pretentiousness
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dont you know, that we aint soft
we take that **** like lara croft

"we were face to face but my eyes left your gaze
and i drew breath but i've been holding it ever since
and i embraced the thought of a world of you and i
now i grab your hand

this is more than just a dream to me"

My favorite because I wrote them LOL. My ex-band is still using them, which is fine by me.
We're only strays.