hey i've been lead singer in a band for a while, but vocal coaches who have heard me sing say i sing too much from my throat, but they never took the time to explain what else i could do. can anyone help me out here?
Use your gut.
have you thrown up recently?
You know that force in your stomach area that just pushes it out of your throat?
Use the same strength in your gut to push out your vocals.
This is helpful for clean vocals, screaming, growling, the works. I use it when I growl and scream. It's very effective, as my throat will feel itchy for 5 seconds tops, then will feel perfectly fine afterwards.
Go to the singing thread in Musician Talk. Look for posts that talk about support, and if you still have questions after reading them, ask in that thread.
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breath with your diaphragm and try to make the sound resonate in your chest cavity instead of your throat.
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