I have a gig coming up, however my only amplifier is a Line Six Spider 2 75 watt. It doesn't tend to sound that great at high volumes , however i don't have enough money to buy what i would really like, a nice tube amp, between now and the gig. I do, however, have and opportunity to get a Randall RG75 Combo Amp, between now and then for around (possibly under) the price of $200. I could likely sell my spider and then be able to afford this, however not having tested it yet, i would like to know, is it that much of an upgrade? Is it worth it? Or should i deal with the Spider for this gig, and then continue to save for a more permanent upgrade?

Thanks in advance
I hate to say it, but you should probably play this on egig with the spider, but then save enough money for a decent tube amp, and never touch the thing again.
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I would get the randall use it for the gig and as a practice amp, sell the line 6 and use that towards your tube amp at a later date. Even if you have a tube amp its nice to have a SS amp to mess with from time to time. Sometimes i only have like 5 minutes to get some playing in so i dont have time to start up the tube amp and dont like starting up and turning of immediatly. So i just walk over flip the switch on the randall and im good to go. Also the volume issue with the tube amp and the ss has a headphone jack. All god reasons to own both.....