I've been wanting a tone like Malmsteen, Petrucci, and Jason Becker, and this strat really caught my eye the other day:

Needless to say, this guitar has a humbucker in the bridge position, and was think =ing if I threw in a DiMarzio Evolution or Humbucker From Hell, I could achieve a tone like them. I really don't have any experience in changing pickups... is there a site I could go to that could help explain it pretty good?
Ibanez is a pretty good brand for shredding. They come with decent DiMarzios, although they still aren't great. You should take a look at the S470 or a couple RGs.
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Malmsteen uses a Single coil stratocaster.

I personally use Jacksons. I like the feel and the sound. I do also recommend Ibanez.
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Malmsteen uses stacked single coils, doesn't he?

Yeah, I've got a YJM in my strat.

Dimarzio has wiring schematics on their site. If you choose to stick with pickups of the same brand (all Dimarzios in this case), it would be as simple as following the color-coded wires.
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