I have learned nothing this whole like week considering im trying to do the Paranoid Solo! I don't understand why its taking me so long to do this! I cant figure out the fast part in the solo. I've been repeating it all week long getting like no where. I donno what to do and I'm seriously like ready to give up. There so many songs I want to learn, and I keep getting told to learn a song all the way through before doing something else but I ain't going no where with this.

I also wanted to ask how do I slow things down in Power Tab Editor 1.7
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Just try and play it very slow and then work it up to full speed. And I was also gonna suggest going and playing another song to get your mind off it. For some reason if I can't figure out something in a song, I won't play it for a week, and when I come back I feel relaxed and ready to play and I usually get it.

You should eventually learn songs all the way through, but it's no big deal to just learn all the cool riffs used in songs. It's not gonna hurt anything, just make sure you learn some songs all the way through.
i never totally subscribed to the 'learn the whole song' theorum, i never tried learning solos when i was first starting(and the only solos i ever learn where in one, and nothing else matters, and fade to black; then i never learned another one). i am very big on creating your own solo style. i would say be happy with learning the rhythm parts of songs for a bit. and if you still want to try and learn the solo, i would recommend playing it a few times everyday for about 5 to 10 minutes, you'll see alot more progress with more frequent but less intensive sessions and if you hit a wall again, forget about playing it for a few days and then pick it up again. it is amazing what letting muscle memory develop will accomplish; i learn most of my harder songs(like volta and zappa) just learning pieces and then coming back the next day and retrying them and then learning more and repeating the process.
Dude, I feel your pain! everybody tells me to learn a whole song before tackling another. stick it to them! the more the merrier right?
I would diversify my practice routine because it sounds like focusing on this one solo is going to drive you away. Throw in some other things to practice like scales, chords, theory, finger strength, dexterity (chromatics), etc., etc. You will be amazed at what happens when you devert your attention for a little while and come back to something .

I think that it builds dicipline to try to learn a song all the way through, but instead of just one song, I would have three. Then if you start getting burnt out, start working on the others. I find that keeps things fresh.
it is good to learn songs all the way through, but the importance you place on it should really be up to the student. after a while i found learning any song all the way through was just not very beneficial to me, while you may be from the school where you feel like not completely learning a song is the first step down a steep slope of sucking. i say go with what you feel is right for you, the most important thing is to keep at it, make progress and don't give up