I guess i'm not the only one around with this problem and i feel a lot of beginner writers might feel this too.

I have no problem coming up with brilliant 1,2,3...4...8 liners. But where i really get caught up is to put all those bits and pieces together in the form of a brilliant poem.
Well, usually i don't try to combine them into a poem. I just use the ideas and try to incorporate all of those ideas to come up in the form of a poem.

What ends up is a bunch of great ideas, a theme, a plan for a poem, a few fancy lines, a few fancy words and an incoherent excuse for a poem.
Well mostly get caught up right at the start cuz i've got a really cool line thats the part of the first verse but no actual first words to begin with.
Then if i do begin i end up writing a well structured song with a good flow and rhyme but at the expense of emotions and meaning. Or i end up writing a spill of emotions in the form of a structureless, incoherent mess of words.
Might work good as relatively simple song lyrics but no where upto the mark for a decent poetic piece.

So anyone got any tips/help on how to break out of this rut and become a better writer??

test the boundaries of rhythm, it doesn't have to be 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
it can be 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 1 2 3 4. look at what genesis did with their song "turn it on again"
It sounds to me like once you have a decent line, you're so desperate to use it that you force out an opening for it and then find yourself stuck for an ending.

The problem there is that you're trying to make a piece out of a line, which is possible, but usually you'll end up in the situation you are. The answer: just save the line, create a small notepad doc. with a bunch of 1,2,3,4 liners and when inspiration strikes and you get stuck consult your doc. and if you've a decent memory you'll know the lines you needed.

My piece Temptress is a combination of 1-4 liners that I wrote over the course of a night when I brainstormed Spring. I laid out a plan for 3 stanzas, that became 2 in the end and plotted what I wanted each part to say, then basically arranged these small lines of text into some sort of order and added some filler lines. It was a new way of writing for me, that I liked very much.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
stuck consult your document

Just to avoid any confusion Steve may create. I don't think my doctor is a great writer....

It's the right way to go about it. I'd say most of us have some saved file hidden away that we use sparingly.

Often, a line will be in my head for a week or so, maybe more, and then one day I'll be writing and it'll form a piece. Just make sure you keep it if you think it is of any value - even then, keep it if it's not.
easy to fix. like said above, dont be confined to a strict rhythm just write what sounds good, but i think what will help more is to just write a bunch of those verses seperately but about the same topic and just piece them together in whatever form works best.

you cant just sit down and straight up write a song from start to finish. just try a verse every couple days and see where you end up. takes time, man, takes time.
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Just to avoid any confusion Steve may create. I don't think my doctor is a great writer....