so my labtop screen got smashed and its cracked and now black stuff is coming around it. i turn it on and cant see anything but the labtop is fine. so my question is can i repair the screen or have to buy a new one???
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once cracked an LCD is dead.

You might be able to get the screen replaced depending on how old the model is.
isn't it...uhh...LAPtop?
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that happened to my sis's old one, but since it was really old, we just hooked up an old moniter we had at the house and kept it in one spot, basically like a PC
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1: It's laPtop

2: The screen is dead. You can get it changed but that'll probably cost as much as a new one.
Best to buy a monitor. All laPtops have a connection in the back for an external video display (for example, projectors). But a simple computer monitor will work as well. You can do that to send all your pr0n via e-mail to yourself, then when you get a new one (that's if you don't fix it) you have all your fap material handy.
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screen is broken, ur most likely ****ed. But get a quote at a tech store or something
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My labtop broke last week...

All my experiments got rained on


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