Can someone send me the update for guitar rig 3? It is the version 3.1! I am not registered and cant find it anywhere. I cant DL it from any sites either because of not being registered. Please help me out!
register to the site, and download it?
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
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support the designers and programmers, dont steal software.

enough people do that
Let me see here, you are expecting support and updates free for a pirate copy of software? And you announce your situation for all to read...sorry dude, but not real bright. These companies are really cracking down on pirated software, you should kinda keep this stuff a little more low-key? Not judging, just saying!

I D/L guitar rig demo some months back and really dig it. However, I can't really complain that it dies after 30 minutes, and can't save settings....and for the cost (Free) can't really expect too much. In this cripped state, I can't really do much with it, other than play around - but I still feel I got more than alot of demo's give you...ie, don't work at all after some trial period. If business picks up, I will likely purchase and deserve a usable wprking copy...until then - suffer!
I have the entire NI pack (Komplete 5) and I REALLY dig these.....

GR3 is great, better than Amplitube and the other stuff out there.. but I really think the NI shines with Kontakt and Massive and Absynth.
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.