Yeah Hi. Ummm...I just got my guitar about a month ago and I'm progressing kinda slowly (I can play happy birthday and some basic chords) and I was wondering if I should take this every-saturday-for-12-weeks summer course on basic guitar...I mean all the greatest guitarists tought themselves, right? So do lessons REALLY help? Cause I keep hearing only noobs take lessons and stuff sooo....HELP ME WISE UG MEMBERS!

P.S. If this is wrong forum sorry.
Instead of a course kind of thing try and go for private lessons. The basic guitar classes generally go REALLY slowly, and you don't pick up much in the way of actual playing. A private instructor will teach you theory as it applies to guitar, teach you what you want to and need to learn, and usually give you some very good practice material.
i never took lessons, but im not great, if you do take lessons and practice nonstop all summer you can progress very quickly, you dont really need an instructer b/c UG can help pretty well, but if you arent good at non visual learning then an instructer is good, also you might progress faster with an instructer so id get a private instructer like the one guy said
I haven't taken any lessons, yet; not really sure if I ever will. I've only been playing for a few months but feel that I'm progressing at a comfortable level.

You could do what I'm doing: I've just been using UG, justinguitar.com and youtube.com to get free guitar lessons. If I ever feel as though I'm truly missing out or not understanding something, then I'll pay for lessons.
get lessons man, they are so helpfull, normal ones from like a shop or private ones etc are better than a course though, and just do them when you feel you need to.

P.S dont play happy birthday lol
yeah ive been playing guitar for about 6 months now. taking my final for an introduction to guitar class tomorrow actually. from my experience id say try a private teacher. I tried the class, and though I did learn a few new things, I could of learned more. alot of the class material was on like the history of guitar, reading music, styles of playing, and other nonsense. We didnt do much playing in class either, we were provided alot of material which is great, but its up to you to practice outside of class. If you only know close to nothing about a guitar an introductory class would probably help alot, but if you know a few basics, teach yourself or do it privately, cause in actuality its up to you to progress.