and amp , how much do you think i could get for them

heres the guitar:
an epiphone g310, its about three years old, I payed 300 for it originally, but if I say i payed 400 maybe I could get more for it?

heres the amp:http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/guitar_amplifiers/peavey/rage_158/index.html
it a peavy rage 158, I think it was 90-100 when I payed for it

So how much do you think I could get for all this?
BTBAM-Colors Sept 18
you'll get $100 for the guitar, tops, and that's pushing it at a pawn shop anyway, and they don't care how much you payed for it.

maybe $20 for the amp
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Pawn shops will drastically under pay for your guitar.
Remember, they're trying to make a profit on top of that price, so skip them and get all the profit yourself.

Try online auction/listing.
My buddy bought a schecter c-1 custom for I think 700 and only got less than 400 for it at an actual guitar shop.