This is what i have so far. I'm thinking of adding another solo and i still need a riff or two to finish it. Need lyrics also. Anyway, what i have i'm pretty proud of except the transition at bar 38. The riffs and such I like. Please tell me what you think. leave a link to ur thing and such

Thrash Riff 8.zip
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didnt u alrdy upload this ? o.O dejavu .... anyways

Riff 24 was amazing sounds very classic hehe. But thats about the only thing that i liked about it ... i think you should build on riff 24 and keep away from the thrashing. the Thrash part sounds great but doesent fit with riff 24
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I liked it!

Advice for easily fixing a bad transition.

Have a power chord or something ring out for a few bar in suspense, then kick in the fast riff.

It should work.
I think.
I think it sounds badass. The transition isn't even that bad in my opinion, it makes the first half seem more like a soft intro sort've thing and then you go right into busting balls with the heavy riffs.
the neoclassical part sounded really cool but the clean guitar got on my nerves after a bit (maybe shorten the clean part) and the thrash part sounded like a steriotypical thrash riff

you really should expand on the neoclassical part, it was very melodic and i wanted to hear more but it ended so suddenly