howdy ya'll.
ok, so a friends band sent me like....5 of their "music videos" and told me to convert them into just the song...the problem being I don't know how to do that, and I kinda want to know, coz their paying me $100 to do it, and it seems like a good skill to know.

anyways, the files they sent me are Window Media Video (.WMV) file type (don't ask why, coz i don't know how they managed to get it into WMV format) anyways, i only have WMP to work with.
The best idea i have is to set up my mic, but go behold, I lost my line in record cable, therefore making my mic un-useable.

I only have WMP to work with software wise, and my internets been a royal pain in the ass and its really slow...so i doubt i'll be able to download a file converter.

Windows Media Video file must convert into MP3 file. Help?
Send me the files and $20 on paypal and I will do it.
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try setting the microphone settings to "What U Hear" then record.
AoA Audio Extractor

it's free

And why do your friends make you do this ****, sounds like you have no idea what you're doing.
i do have no idea what i'm doing, but thanks to mikko_9119 and Zepplin256, i have somewhat of an idea