Me and my brother are in our church's worship band, where he plays an acoustic-electric guitar and I play electric bass. I usually play off my own puny little practice amp. However, we got a mixer and new amazing speakers, and I was curious if we could both plug our guitars into the mixer.

I ask this because I've seen and heard about the horror stories of the "bass plugged into a guitar amp" and just checking if the same things apply.
plugging a bass into a mixer works, so will a guitar but you can lose tone
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If he has a little starter amp, the mixer will probably give him much better tone. My brother bought a little 8 channel mixing board a few days ago and it sounds amazingly better to direct inject than to go through my little practice amp.
use the mixer. It will be more versatile than a tiny practice amp, and it will be audible.
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You should go straight into the mixer, he needs to mic his amp. Bass sounds great through a mixer, guitars sound like crap. Trust me.

EDIT: Oh wait, he has an acoustic electric, he can just go straight in along with you and you're both set.
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Mixers tend to come out through big speakers, which can cope just fine with basses. Don't worry about causing harm, your only concern should be your tone. If you've got a reasonable bass, though, that shouldn't be a problem.