Can someone explain the differences of communism and socialism? Ive been researching them and they seem very similar.
They are very similar. However, socialism is far less extreme in that free enterprise is still allowed on a small scale (only large industry is government owned, etc.)

EDIT: I take it you're interested because Rage has made you hate capitalism? Or do you actually have a freethinking mind?
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Socialism is a system that seeks to try to make society much more equal through control of certain industries and redistribution of wealth.

Communism is the state of economic, social, and political equality following a successful period of socialism.

All in theory.
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the main difference is that in communism everything is owned collectively, and there is no private property. Some types of socialism feature this too, but it's mainly a communist ideal.
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It's weird that this sprung up suddenly when I was getting interested in Communism. Glad to finally get an answer to the question I've been wondering about for quite a while.
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