i was wondering if anyone had any tutorials on modding a marshall led single footswitch

im looking to change chord so it can be a detachanble patch chord n upradeing all the parts

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well all you would have to do open the enclosure and disconnect the cable from anywhere its soldered and drill in the enclosure to put a jack inside of and solder the connections to where the cable was...

as for upgrading the parts... not really any need... most channel switchers use a cable, and when the hot wire gets connected to ground it changes gain channels... usually i'm assuming that the jcm's works the same way...

my two cents...
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any locking footswitch will do the job for that. the marshall ones are actually pretty good, but i must admit that we swap them for tougher switches at my work, because they can get easily damaged if you stomp on them squint.

why do you want to change the cable to make it detatchable? seams like more trouble than its worth to me. and you'd need to buy a stereo plug and socket. you wouldnt need to drill a new hole, just mount the socket in the hole that the cable runs through.

edit: gnore the bit about it being stereo. thats for the double footswitch...
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