hey everyone ,

just wondering if anyone had experience in getting the muted/filtered sound at the very beginning of the song American Idiot????

thank you!
Just a tremelo pedal.


I'm so sorry. No tremolo. I read too fast and I thought you said Boulevard of broken dreams. Anyway, Ibanez makes a lo-fi tone-lok pedal. Pick up that guy.
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wouldnt you use a eq or filter perhaps? the intro has a 'hollow' or mono sound to it..
Yeah, an EQ. it has no bass and not very much mids there.
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oh, do you mean where it sounds like its coming out of a tiny radio? ive heard an equalizer pedal can do that.
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Is it like the AM radio tone? On a graphic EQ, thats just cut everything to 0 and boost like the 3 middlemost frequencies and play around with it.
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I think it's basically a high pass filter, as in, take a EQ pedal and cut the bass out, and most of the mids. Fiddle with the mids and highs, but cut the lows. That's basically it.
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Ignore the people who say cut the mids for the filtered sound.
The filtered sound is ALL in the mids. But yeah, like that one guy said, EQ pedal, like barely any bass (if any) cut the highs a bit, and boost yer mids.
^ It sounds much more convincing if you cut everything but the treble, which you dime up.
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Cut all the bass, you want to make it like a kind of gradual slope up on a GEQ pedal. It's to simulate boxiness, so you can't have much of many frequencies, and if you're finding it too piercing cut the treble a tad.
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high mids in a EQ pedal
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