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New Guitar
5 11%
New Amp
39 89%
Voters: 44.
Since I'm getting better at guitar I'm thinking about moving up the food chain but don't know where to start. Considering I'll only have about 300 by the middle of summer with jobs and such and only want to do things one at a time. I don't know whether to get a new guitar or a new amp. I've seen too may threads saying that amps > guitars or visa versa. I just wanna get a public opinion to get me started on my search. Suggestions and Information is greatly appreciated.

The gear I have now is a Fender Frontman 15g and a Fender Squire Strat
Considering its a squier...try and get one of the MIM's if you still want a strat
if that's your current gear, get an amp. either a roland cube, which is a great solid state amp, or get a small tube amp, try looking up the Blackheart little giant combo or halfstack. it may be "only" 5 watts, but its loud as hell, and its all tube, not to mention its 299 USD... a 300 dollar guitar is going to be barely an upgrade from the squier, and definitely not noticeable if you stick with that Frontman.
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I was in the same position not too long ago. The first thing I did was get a new set of pickups. I found that this made enough of a difference untill I could afford a new amp, which ended up giving me a completely different sound all together. It really depends on what your doing. If your out giging id say buy the amp, becasue ultimately it will effect the sound of any guitar you play through it. If your playing guitar for the sake of playing guitar then id go with buying a new one. Then again, if you only have $300 id wait and buy yourself something real nice when you've gotten even better.
An amp is going to do far more for your sound than any guitar will. Look into the Roland Cube or the Blackheart amp(s), I've heard great and solid things regarding both of those amp brands, you will be pleased and amazed at the difference from that Frontman with either.
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Thanks for all the great feed back! I'm going to start looking into some amps, starting with the brands you guys recommended. I looked at the black heart half-stacks, but maybe go a little bigger.
Does, something really loud that will piss off my parents count?

Seriously, I was thinking the same thing for about the past week and I'm not sure. I want something that will allow me to get the rock sound I'm looking for. But, nothings final until I see to it. This is just a fire starter to get me into thinking about it.
Get the Blackheart. It's plenty loud. Tube watts>solid state watts They produce from 2-2.5 times as much volume as a solid state of the same wattage. Not to mention they sound better than solid state does when you crank it.
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