I'm thinking of getting my 2nd bass at some point in the next few months. I was thinking of getting a Schecter Omen 5 (5 string bass). I decided to look on ebay, see if anywhere had them cheaper than the major stores, and I noticed that the Omen 6 (6 string bass) was generally less expensive. This seems kind of strange. Is there any disadvantage to having a 6 string bass over a 5? Is the neck wider, or do they just put more strings in the same space?
From what I remember, the neck is wider, but the strings are slightly closer together.
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More notes in one position, more notes in general, coolness factor goes up.
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Welcome to bass, you'll f*cking love it
i wanna get an Ibanez BTB 676 bass

i don't particularly like 5 string basses - why pay more when you could pay just a little more than that and get another string
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I always thought the Omen 6 was a guitar.
it's true - the Schecter website only lists Omen 4, 5 and 8 string basses.
First off you have to ask yourself, "do I really need a high C?" I have owned a 5 and currently own a custom built 6 string made by myself. I love 6 string absses to death, my advice to you is to go to a store and jsut ry out some 5 and 6 strings and see what you like. As to the neck width and string spacing, string spacing on 5 and 6 string basses is generally 17 mm's as opposed to the 19 mm string spacing on a 4 string bass.

I went back and looked at one of the listings, and right, the Omen 6 is a guitar, I guess I should have double checked that. I figured that since Schecter didn't have it on their site it was an older, discontinued model.

Well, I'm mainly playing metal, so the 6th string, I think, won't do me as much good as the 5th. I'm using a 4 right now, still learning, I think if I make the switch early it'll make it easier down the road.
Mephysteaux, I personally went from a 4 String to a 6 (I had a SR300 Ibanez, now I have a Ibanez SR506 - excellent Bass for the money).

And I love my Metal, I can advise you that if you decide to get one, you'll never look back - *if* you really want more "freedom" then you currently have with your 4, that is

One thing I did to keep my motivated to really get used to the jump, was to learn songs that make use of a large number of notes, in varying positions, so that you're not just playing the same stuff +more strings.

For example, John Myung of Dream Theater makes good use of his 6 String in various compositions, both in DT and on his own
e.g. This: Solar Groove

But as long as you have the determination to play Bass, and don't have freakishly small hands, you should be able to get over the Wider Neck/more Muting that is involved. Plus you will have the freedom to try stuff like Chords and Multi-string arpeggios
for myself, i find that 4 string basses are very comfortable as well as 6 string basses.

i have a 5. and i'm not that fond of it :/


go figure.
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