does anyone know anything about danelectro guitars? as far is if they have proven quality. I've known of this brand for a while and saw this pretty sweet danelectro guitar at this pawn shop. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if they have decent proven quality?
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old ones are pretty cool. Haven't played any of the newer ones.

and this belongs in the electric guitar forum.
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They're so ugly, and they must be unpopular for a reason. I wouldn't buy it.
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ooo my bad im completely new to this posting stuff. I've been getting tabs here for a while, but don't know anything about posting.
Give me a 60's kind of life
ooo yeah i think 3/4ths of them are pretty ugly too. But i found one i think looks pretty sweet actually.
Give me a 60's kind of life
A lot of people play them, like Clapton and Jimmy Page. Vintage Dano's were really poor guitars. You could order them via the Sears and Roebuck catalog, and they had vinyl covering the outsides. A man name Jerry Jones turned out to be a huge fan of the Danos though, their look and their feel, and he makes new gutiars with the same shapes but with upgraded hardware and woods. They're really nice to play and if I had the money I would buy one.

Jerry Jones has a website: www.jerryjonesgutiars.com
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