I've found that I dislike genres. So, this piece is totally complete. Vocals and all. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. My friends say its one of my more 'professional' sounding pieces.

I wouldn't mind a crit on the lyrics either, but that could be asking too much.
This Symphony has a breaking point.zip
Intro is very original , The reverb is awesome dude . But during the chorus i would change the lead guitar and use some of your notes during the intro and the rhythm is good in some parts but i would change some 9th notes to 16th notes in some parts. Or use the helicopter effect during the chorus. Great song non the less 10/10 for vocals
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Great song, if just for the fact that I can easily imagine it being played by a real band on a commercial radio, which is probably what you meant with "professional". On the other hand someone can of course reasonably complain about same-ness and that it doesn't take many chances (and I probably would get bored on repeated listens).
Minor nitpicks/suggestions:
Bringing back something acoustic later would help inject more variety.
I'm always wary of vocal lines with constant singing (no rests). How about injecting some pause notes here and there to make things more dynamic (would also help the singer get air).
If you want to go for all-out- commercial appeal, how about harmonizing the vocal line in the chorus. This would also help the problem that the vocals generally do stay in the same range all the time through the song (which can get rather tiring, as things drag on).
You can also consider changing the open hihats to cymbal quarter notes in the chorus or the bridge, it would help increase the sense of urgency and set the section apart from the verses with their hihat beat (->monotony).

Anyway, this was just minor stuff. The song is, from what I've seen so far, one of your best in terms of internal coherence and consistence, I guess working in a genre framework that you're rather comfortable and knowledge-able with helps, as does the fact that you didn't feel pressured to include any halfbaked parts for sake of "post"- or "prog"ness.

I really hope this gets recorded somehow. With some more similar songs and a band with enough presence there can be $$ made