i doubt they are better than the guitars you already have but i have heard good things about them on here.
look the other way seriously from what I have played, they really arent all that desirable
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I have an AL-2000 and I love it. It has great tones, a very comfortable neck, etc. The finish is flawless, frets are very nice and smooth, everything about it is great. The only issue I had was a faulty pickup selector, but Kurt sent me a new one within a week free of charge and I replaced it myself.

I really reccomend them if you're getting a low-mid range guitar.
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from what ive seen on this site in the past, they are great solid guitars for the price

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i LOVE agiles..
cheap, decent tone, great action/feel.

did I mention CHEAP?
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They're very nice, though I recommend only AL-3000's and up. The cheaper models probably aren't worth your money, seeing as you have an ESP and Ibanez already.

The only downside is the weight. I have an AL-2500 and it's pretty heavy compared to my friend's Epiphone LP.
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