i've been playing electric for about a year and a half, and i've played acoustic for about a year. i'm not bad, yet i wouldn't say i'm great at acoustic either... I have a capo, and never use it. When is it needed? Is it to change the key the song is in? like for example, if i am tuned in DGCFAD and I put my capo on the second fret, would that bring me back up to standard again?
Yessir. I like to tune down a half-step, then for songs in standard, I just capo the first fret. That way I'm not constantly fooling around with tuning and all that.
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Yes if you were tuned to DGCFAD capoing at the 2nd fret would put your guitar in standard. But the capo is used to change the key of your guitar so you could play with open chords.