ive been trying to come up with a new instrumental on the guitar lately butive been coming up blank. anyone got any advice on how i can come up with some stuff. like some scales or somthing.
Just watch TV while you play, and just mess around and play whatever. Eventually you'll play some little thing that sounds cool, then just build off of that.
TNA's right. You can't just force out good riffs, you gotta wait till you get inspiration.
Sometimes it helps to kinda of clone a style and make it your own.
Sometimes you should mix things. One instrumental I wrote comes off as a Mum meets minor bossa nova chormatic goodness
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GuitarSymphony you are my hero!
I dowmloaded beatcraft drum machine demo just to check it out.
It only has a sort of bee bop in the demo...oh will.

This is what I came up with

I need a new drum machine bad !
Sometimes when i here a riff in my head a certain way, i can't
fine a beat or druming to match it. So the song has a life of it's own.lol
I think drumming has a lot to do with how I write songs.
If you have drum machine...maybe try different drum style

I'm just messing around with this scale.
I still don't even have a progression yet, but it'll come to me...I hope.

If you all have a recomendation...I'm open