My brother is willing to buy me one of these items as long as I pay him back in the summer. I was wondering - which one of these should I buy? I've heard lots of praise for the Microcube but when I look at it, it leaves me a bit underwhelmed. It looks like I wouldn't be able to get the black/death/heavy metal sound that I'd want from it. My friend owns a Zoom G2 and I thought it was killer. It has a bunch of special effects and he can input it through his 5.1 Speaker setup (and I have the same 5.1 setup). Not only that but I'd be able to use headphones too. It was very fun to play with and I go to his house often just to test out new riffs on it. So I was wondering, should I get the Zoom G2 that I know and love? Or should I take the general public's word for it and pick up the Roland Microcube. I also thought it's worth mentioning that I never plan to play outside of my own house.
if you already have a way to amplify the G2 and like its tone.. i'd say go for it.

although a pod would be better if you decide to save a bit. keep in mind the cube would be easier to bring around if you want to jam with someone. plus it can run on batteries! and they actually sound pretty decent for what they are.

also, if you were to run it from the headphone jack you'd be able to hook it up to your 5.1 system
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What amp do you currently have?

I own a G2.1u and it has some ok effects, but the models and distortion are pretty crappy (imo). I actually got a Metal Zone to replace it as my distortion pedal and I think it sounds better

However, if you're just going to play by yourself all the time, the Zoom could be pretty cool. It has all the effects you'll ever need and it has a built in drum machine (at least mine does, I assume the regular G2 does as well), so you can jam along which is actually quite cool. I often do that with it, put the drums through my Vox and play through my Mark IV, but it really doesn't have too much drum patches on it that could be used for metal unfortunately.
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I have a terrible Amp. I don't plan to use an Amp if I get the Zoom G2. I'll probably just run the Zoom right into my 5.1 system. I'm practically coming from a $5 amp so anything would sound better.
Metal effects, go for Zoom. Microcube can only get you one metal effect, with its simulation of R-Fier.

Microcube is more versatile, though. It's really up to you. But if you're playing metal, I suggest Zoom.