Hi. Can someone help me out? I'm trying to play the guitar part of "Radio Protector" by 65daysofstatic, but when the guitar comes in at first, it's using this kinda fuzzy staccato-esque effect and I don't know how to get it. What is it called and how can I recreate it?

If you don't know what the song is, you can listen to it here:

sounds like a delay pedal set to really fast repeat rate.
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Thanks for the speedy reply. =] 3 more questions:

1) I'm sure I can get this pedal at Sam Ash, right?

2) Can any delay pedal be set to this fast repeat, or do I have to ask for it specifically?

3) The word "reverb" comes to mind right now. Could that be what it is?
wow that barely even sounds like a guitar...if it is which I don't doubt I'm sure its just a delay pedal, could just be synth though