I posted the beginning of this song about a day ago, and then added the rough "finished" version. But i FINISHED this song now(minus bass and drums, but i'm no good with those so moo.) so i thought it would be better to create a new thread rather than add this to my other. This NEW version has all sorts of different styles ... I added a trivium style part (ascendancy style) in there for the hell of doin so. ITS STARTS OFF SLOW!!

I'll glady listen to and comment on anybody's song/s if they post the link for me...C4C.


Also, i didnt put in a lot of the "palm-mutes" mainly cuz i couldnt be bothered.
Untitled 19 (dif. 2).zip
Also like to add that if anybody feels a part need to be changed please tell me WHERE and HOW/TO WHAT. MOST people just say change this or that
Your transitions need to be smoother. During the intro you start of with a 5 on the d string for the first 3 chord progressions on the 4th u need to change your 5 to a 7 it sounds better. I guess ill have to show u what i mean. Do u mind if i revise a few things and upload it back later?. Cause it has Alot of potential . 7/10 Cause it seem unfinished or just not up to its full potential.
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Yea sure no problem man, thats what i was hoping for anyhow (some visual direction) ... thanks for checking it out.
Thanks a tonne man. I changed some of the notes that you put in already but if it wasnt for you posting your version i wouldnt have gone in that direction so thankyou.

And eventhough the jazz guitar sounds better .... im almost certain nobody can play bar 3 with one guitar lol. Hehehe :P But i shall keep it anyways cuz it sounds better.

Thanks again.
Ok, i didnt change much of that song, just the part u changed, not sure if its for the better but PTB doesnt play chords too smoothly so i changed it to mainly single string notes.

....And im gonna add a couple more tabs to it:

# 14 - A song i made a while ago ... not sure, but i think i already posted this before.

# 19 - The thread tab ... with your (edited) beginning.

# 20 - Was trying to pull of a opeth sounding song...(damnation). Hehe, mayyy have failed

# 21 = A riff i made about a day ago, there would be more but i need new batteries for my fx pedal

# 22 - A short Acoustic interlude thingy i finished about 10 minutes ago (not meant to be anything technical or crazy ... just relaxing.).

Just going to put these up for the sake of it ... listen to them if you have the time please.
(After I post this im going thru your songs.)
Untitled 14.zip
Untitled 19 (changed intro.).zip
Untitled 20 (opeth style #1).zip
Untitled 21.zip
Untitled 22.zip
#14 is really great the Intro sounds good . Might I ask u msg me about guitar pro if you dont use it alrdy. Cause guitar pro will help u alot with scales chords melodies the whole shabang (lol) . I think 21 has great potential but i might change the notes cause sounds like u copied it. Im sure u didnt but your beat is great just need to make the notes a bit more evil sounding... Intro is a bit weak on 22 but when the 2nd guitar comes in it sounds awesome. The first guitar is a bit too loud. So work on the mixing during that one...
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