I. The End. – 1st Draft

The mangled martyrs of Dover spread their arms out
Across the sky.
They are blowing smoke rings through the evening
The man-cracked sky of old.
”When man cracked the ephemeral, did man crack the now?”
”I am not sure”.

Patient priests have put down their bibles, and are sitting
Like a Buddha;
Reciting math problems.
It is funny that only in true wreckage;
Does man forget to sing.
”When silence and discomfort become the embraceable,
Do you sleep alone?
Do you see or hear anything?”

”No, nothing.”
”Nothing comes of nothing;
So the wise say,
Though the mad are scholars now.”

I have waded the waste land
And felt its stony, dreaded pages
Light up, like the unnamed graves
That litter foreign shores-
You said that April was the cruellest month,
Though none could’ve prepared for March or May.
Where Lambs were born, and killed
In the serpent’s house of the flame;
-And the all consuming spiral,
Satisfied and full.

”I remember dancing, and pressing my toes upon those boards"
"I only remember Omaha, and the silent thunder on the shore”
Ether castles are cracking,
The horsemen are riding again,
They are showing Washington and Westminster
Things that are Gold and Green,
Whilst countless faces sit mesmerised by
The flashing of a screen.
To see a china doll firing artillery,
Is to presume that Atlas has a broken back,
Could you stare into a rainbow, and see other than black?
I have grown tired with age,
Though age is something I shall not know.
Spring to autumn; Cradle to Casket.
”Did you learn anything; did you not learn anything at all?”

(So far to come: Part Two: A Pleasant Distraction and Part Three Discourse on the barren and visions of a forest...Ive got 5 parts in mind; but those two are most immediate completion)

[”What time is it?”
”I fear the hour is late. It is zero, we were here at one…it is coming…soon”]
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its awesome man well done (Y)
tho abit long i reckon you could split it into like a "The End pt1" and "The End pt 2" but other than that yeah its pretty sweet
thanks man,
I trying my hand at a range of styles;
I'm hoping the whole piece is going to be around
5-6 A4 pages.
If I can get the ideas of course