Yeah, let's just totally wipe out all trees in existance! After that, let's go dump oil into oceans and kill whales for fun! Who needs whales anyway? Let's get rid of polar bears too.
InvaderTSN nice use of sarcasm

What a stupid idea why would you pay $5 to destroy the world we live on
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i can see how ppl may get kicks out of it, but in a way its like cutting yourself. but you pay to do it.
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Kinda cool site. Basically, you pay them 5 bucks to cut down and shred a tree to help destroy the environment. Yes, they actually do it. My friend had one done about a year ago.

I think they send you a picture too...

They are stupid, your friend is an idiot and so are you for posting it.
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They are stupid, your friend is an idiot and so are you for posting it.

+A gazillion

Us kiwis are on the same page.

What a f*cking stupid website.
seems like a waste. Why pay someone else to hurt the environment when I can have all the fun of doing it myself for free?
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Agreed. This is stupid. The environment is getting destroyed quickly enough. It doesn't need any extra help.
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